a piece of song lyric… Palestine

So I won’t sleep… I will stay awake
Cause if I dream… they will/then they’ll take their claim
Oh I try… oh I try to fight
To stay awake tonight
Palestine, Palestine, Palestine… always on my mind

I can’t find peace cause it’s hard to release what we’ve done
What we could be if we’d only see what we’ve become
It’s unbelievable it’s undeniable ohhhh!
I want free, won’t sleep, won’t dream, won’t eat, won’t breathe
Won’t give in to what’s building inside of me

Close my eyes tonight
My conscience by my side

imagine .. that we’re all in Palestinewe wont able to stay awake or they will claims ours

keep fighting keep struggling our prays will be yours


song lyric credit to: The Sound of Reason – Palestine Lyric


About callmechitsura
I am a Muslim who has to learn a lot about Islam. Only a handful of Islamic science that I know before this. I hope God forgives all my fault because of my ignorance in the past who failed to study Islam in its entirety.

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