Rima Fakih.. Miss Universe 2010

I’m not proud as miss universe… never will be…

As a Muslim woman I’m very upset hearing the news that Rima Fakih a Muslim woman American-Arabian descent is Miss Universe 2010. I cry for you dear.  Don’t you know dear that this pageant is only for the shake of evil politic to destroy Islam? Please cover your aurat. Please don’t condescending your self by being their part. We Muslim women are nobler than it is.

All I know being a Muslim woman is something that we bless for. A Muslim woman is a noble woman since they were born. We don’t need to struggle in demanding our right. Islam already covers it in Quran. Islam protects us. And only in Islam women are being respect truthfully. The Kaffah Islam.

My dear Muslim sisters … lets gather our hearts together … lets united in the name of Islam… because the true relative is us as one in the name of Islam… please gathers for Daulah Khilafah.


About callmechitsura
I am a Muslim who has to learn a lot about Islam. Only a handful of Islamic science that I know before this. I hope God forgives all my fault because of my ignorance in the past who failed to study Islam in its entirety.

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