If only I could turn back time…

I wondering some people would have this kind of feeling. Many people want to go back to the past. Not only for changing their mistake maybe just to ease the pain. I want to do that too, but I can’t. If only I don’t have a faith, I would rather die now. Subhanallah!! God help me away from this feeling.

Please never say that. Never say or think about dying in improper way. We humans have our own destiny.

Today I was crying. I felt like I want to give up in the midst of the choice that I am living with. I feel so terrible. But then I remember one thing, then I start to talk with myself “hey yesterday you doom but you still breath and eat well now, why you have to quit now?” The reason I remember why I want to quit is because I felt like I don’t have any muscle to stand.

Wondering… wondering… wondering…

Then I say to myself again, I don’t want to be like this. God will punish me. Then my mind suddenly agazing. I was reminding fool not considering what God have brought to me. Then I say “La haula walla quwwata illa billahi”. There is no power or strength except trough God 1).


1) Taken from Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia


About callmechitsura
I am a Muslim who has to learn a lot about Islam. Only a handful of Islamic science that I know before this. I hope God forgives all my fault because of my ignorance in the past who failed to study Islam in its entirety.

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