Let’s get careful

Today I get the lesson…

Was (till now I guess) I am a careless person. I act base on feelings. But everything going fine, until my sickness comes. Do you want to know what my symptom is? Getting lazy is my symptom. Laziness is my solemn sickness.

Each day I count more and more careless person I am. I realize if not getting up from this problem I will get crisis in future.

Today one email got me on the spot. I am not just embarrassing myself but also my acquaintance. This moment wouldn’t come to me if I just more careful in the past. But well like an Indonesian proverb say ”nasi telah menjadi bubur” rice becoming porridge. You can’t change the past but you can fix the future. At lease porridge is not a bad meal anyway. It is consumable.

All I can do now is keep my mind ahead and throw away laziness. How? I will change my habit slowly but sure. Until there is no more laziness left.

Ganbatte Kudasai..



About callmechitsura
I am a Muslim who has to learn a lot about Islam. Only a handful of Islamic science that I know before this. I hope God forgives all my fault because of my ignorance in the past who failed to study Islam in its entirety.

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